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This website advertises the services of Noel Bruton, a UK-based independent consultant, trainer, interim manager, author and broadcaster specialising in IT Support management. This is rather more specific than generic ITSM. Where ITSM concerns itself with IT Services processes, Noel Bruton’s professional guidance focuses on getting the best out of the people who follow those processes, how those people get the best out of their jobs, and how to turn that into service outcomes for the business.


IT Support Management consultant, trainer and writer Noel BrutonBruton’s approach to the management of IT Services is not just about IT’s internal bureaucracy, but covers the practicalities of running IT Support, in such a way that it produces numerically measurable success in service delivery. The result is a better outcome for IT Support’s customers and a more rewarding place to work for IT Support staff, supervisors, team leaders and managers. Noel Bruton sees IT Support as involving the whole of IT, not just the Servicedesk; wherever a technical problem may be resolved, and in particular the all important second-line functions.

The technical groups in IT often have a varied workload. The reactive demands of IT Support can take resources away from the projects, maintenance, and development duties of those groups. Noel Bruton has devised and advocates specific methods to enable those groups to maintain productivity in all their functions, not just in responding to Servicedesk escalations.


Please feel free to explore the site via the menu at the top of your browser. See the ‘About’ page for a fuller description of Noel Bruton’s long and varied experience, and the ‘Testimonials‘ page for some of the industry and client acknowledgements of his services and capabilities.

Visit the ‘Services‘ section for descriptions of Noel Bruton’s public and private training seminars and workshops, his facilitation and consultancy services; or for using Noel Bruton as an interim IT Support manager to turn your support service into a world-class offering in a very short time.


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