This IT Support Management blog is the work of Noel Bruton, a UK based consultant and trainer. Having joined what was called the ‘Computer Industry’ in 1979, he began to provide independent, professional assistance to IT support groups in 1991. Noel is the author of bestselling books, hundreds of press articles and several training courses on IT support management. You can learn more about his services here.

Through his private partnership Bruton Consultancy, Noel advises organisations on the improvement of IT User Support. He delivers this as as consultancy, training, coaching, writing, and interim management.

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Importance of IT Support

Cover of Noel Bruton's book 'Managing the IT Services Process' Cover of Noel Bruton's Book 'How to Manage the IT Helpdesk'IT Support is vital. It’s not just about fixing computer problems or maintaining infrastructure. It’s because an impeded computer user’s lost productivity damages the corporate fiscal bottom line in any sector, private or public. Resolving support enquiries is not just a mere technical duty, it is a strategic business necessity. But it’s not just for the users – a more efficient support service is a better place to work for its staff. Improved IT support is both the cause and effect of higher support staff job satisfaction. Academic studies have shown this to have an impact on employee health.

Unlike some of the common IT ‘management frameworks’, we see IT Support not just as a ‘Servicedesk’ thing, but as an interlocking mechanism. It affects anywhere and everywhere in IT or among its customers or vendors where the resolution of an enquiry may be found. From the first line to development, from network technicians to shadow IT, from vendors to users – everybody has some role to play in corporate IT support.

All Noel Bruton’s services fit either within popular IT Services frameworks (such as ITIL or COBIT) or where these are not adopted. This is because we advise at the practical, detailed level where the frameworks cannot.

Noel Bruton Business Card

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Noel Bruton was consulting in IT support management a decade before ITIL became a de facto approach. He is the man who wrote the original, best-selling IT support management books that the frameworks have since come to echo.

About the Bruton Consultancy Logo

BrutonConsultancyDecisionMechanismLogo512x512The logo depicts a management philosophy Noel Bruton shares with the great management teachers of past and present. It describes three cogs enclosed by a rhombus. This ‘diamond’ shape is used in flowcharting, especially in IT development, where it depicts a decision from which options of action emerge.

We often use this logo in tandem with the tagline “the mechanism informs the decision and the decision steers the mechanism.” The logo symbolises the relationship, essential in management, between information and strategy – because as several management thinkers have paraphrased one another, what you can’t measure, you can’t manage. Decisions are a core management responsibility. Yet decisions taken without apposite information are closer to hunches and guesswork than they are to strategy.

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