Tech Staff Motivation – Forget What You Think You Know

Good grief, there is some real naïve nonsense talked about motivating staff, there really is. I’ve recently read yet another happy-clappy article making some spectacularly preposterous claims about staff motivation. It upset me, as so much of this trite, theoretical, Read More …

Facilitation/Training: The Incident Management Shortcut

The ‘Incident Management Shortcut’ is an onsite engagement, normally run over two or three days, with one purpose – to shortcut your way to a cross-department, working consensus on the incident management process.

Training: Key Measurements for IT Support Management Decisions

Going way beyond mere ‘service levels’ in this one-day, expert workshop in understanding and using key measurements for IT Support operational management decisions.

Download: The ITSM Software Review 2017

The ITSM Software Review 2017 is now published and available for download. There are not many reviews of ITSM software, and those that exist tend to deal in market maturity rather than actual use. They’re not supposed to be practical, Read More …

Why IT user support can’t ignore the call of Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Sprint, and DevOps

Although Agile and its sister concepts major around development, and support is a production service, service strategists should still consider preparing IT Support for Agile Development. In recent times, IT management thinking has found itself in the middle of its Read More …