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White Papers:

The ITSM Software Review 2017

With up to 80 vendor stands at The Service Desk and IT Support Show, the UK’s leading ITSM event, this can be a bewildering market. This extensive review describes the experience of an imaginary IT Support manager just like you, who approaches eight of the top vendors (Axios, BMC, Cherwell, HPE, Hornbill, Ivanti, ServiceNow, and Topdesk) for an IT support management solution. Read what happened and use it to guide your own search.

The IT Support Maturity Model

This powerful resource describes five maturity levels in each of the 21 key functions of IT support delivery. Check your support department’s actual behaviours in here, to see what maturity level you have already attained. Then decide what level you want to achieve – and know when you’ve reached it because of what behaviours your service then exhibits. Over 10,000 words of practical IT support realities taken from real-life experiences and observations.