Meeting Facilitation Service

Part consultancy, part training, this is an opportunity to have an expert contributor or leader for your meeting. Can include preparation prior to the event so as to make the contribution as immediately relevant as possible. This also aids the implementation of the meeting’s decisions and conclusions. An example of a pre-scripted facilitation is given below. For more bespoke engagements, contact me to discuss your requirements .

The Incident Management Shortcut

featured image incident managementThe ‘Incident Management Shortcut’ is an onsite engagement, normally run over two or three days, with one purpose – to shortcut your way to a cross-department, working consensus on the incident management process. It does this by engaging key parties involved in that workflow, in a part-training, part-facilitation exercise to consider how Incident Management should work, and what currently gets in its way. Data are gathered to inform directions. The exercise finishes with a one-day, expertly-facilitated workshop where decision-makers thrash out the facts and agree their mutual expectations and responsibilities in an informed environment.

It includes showing technical group managers how to orient their resources and staffing so they can cope with the incident workload, while ensuring that there is minimum impact on their project and maintenance work.