Our services to IT support management take four forms; training, consultancy, facilitation and interim management.

1. Training

Bruton Consultancy Training LogoAll these seminars can be provided onsite. There are also public instances several times a year.

For more details, click on the offering that interests you. All attendees receive an electronic copy of Noel Bruton’s seminal, bestsellling book ‘How to Manage the IT Helpdesk‘.


Training: External/Channel Support Workgroup Leader bannerExternal/Channel Support Workgroup Leader

Two-day seminar aimed at managers, team leaders, technical leads and supervisors in charge of workgroups providing support to external clients. Full of practical how-to and method, proven in real life, written and delivered by an award-winning channel support leader. All the considerations that never get mentioned in conventional IT services frameworks – like pre-sales support, the genuine, business critical importance of service levels and customer retention – are covered here, along with the topics you would expect in the running of an effective support workgroup. But with a channel twist. Click the image for more.

Moving from IT Technician to Manager

One day workshop for technicians promoted into managerial positions. This is the bit they never tell you – the stark shift of mindset you have to undergo to prepare yourself to think like a manager, rather than as one following a job description written by somebody else. This is horizon-elevating philosophy, not just raw technique. If you only ever attend one management course, it should be this one. It will provide you with the understanding of management mentality and why it is so different from that of a technician. All your other management training will make more sense and be more applicable after this.

Logo Training How to Lead an IT 2nd LineHow to Lead an IT 2nd (or 3rd) Line Support Group

Two packed days of pure how-to technique. This is for leaders of any technical workgroup, especially where the group has more than one core activity, for example taking user enquiries and resolving them; dealing with escalated problems and developing new systems; maintaining platforms and conducting projects. Orchestrate your resources, balance your workload and learn how to make your staff acknowledge, respect and conjoin with your vision and leadership. Suitable for all technical leaders with any support responsibility; Helpdesk and Servicedesk, Desktop and AV support, BYOD and comms, projects and development.

Logo Training Key Measurements for IT Support ManagementKey Measurements for IT Support Management Decisions

A one-day workshop detailing what we really need to measure. Apart from record-keeping, there is really only one reason to collect operation data – and that is, to use it to inform a decision. Most IT Support can collect data via its ITSM tool, but unfortunately this is almost always limited to service levels. This an after-the-fact result, which you can at best examine to see how you might perform better next time. What that never tells you however, is what operational factors you needed to measure in order to be capable of meeting the service level targets in the first place. In other words, not just after-the-fact management information, but before- and during-the-fact decision support.

Logo Training Getting the Best from Your IT TechniciansGetting the Best from your IT Technicians

This one-day workshop is an amalgam of ideas from the three courses above with a particular focus on staff job satisfaction, personal productivity, motivation, efficiency, and skills development. It takes some radical positions – such as it is possible to be motivated without having to smile like a theme park receptionist all the time. And the inescapable realisation that morale and motivation are not two sides of the same coin, but in fact opposites with the ability to replace each other; morale can work counter to motivation. And we look at the manager’s real responsibilities toward the motivation of his or her staff – and it is nothing to do with waving flags and shouting. Come and learn some practical truths.

2. Facilitation

Part consultancy, part training, this is an opportunity to have an expert contributor or leader for your meeting. Can include preparation prior to the event so as to make the contribution as immediately relevant as possible. This also aids the implementation of the meeting’s decisions and conclusions. An example of a pre-scripted facilitation is given below. For more bespoke engagements, contact me to discuss your requirements.

featured image incident managementThe Incident Management Shortcut

The ‘Incident Management Shortcut’ is an onsite engagement, normally run over two or three days, with one purpose – to shortcut your way to a cross-department, working consensus on the incident management process. It does this by engaging key parties involved in that workflow, in a part-training, part-facilitation exercise to consider how Incident Management should work, and what currently gets in its way. Data are gathered to inform directions. The exercise finishes with a one-day, expertly-facilitated workshop where decision-makers thrash out the facts and agree their mutual expectations and responsibilities in an informed environment.

It includes showing technical group managers how to orient their resources and staffing so they can cope with the incident workload, while ensuring that there is minimum impact on their project and maintenance work.

3. Consultancy

Noel Bruton Consultancy logoThe expert opinion to help you make the best selection from the numerous ideas and possibilities you have considered. Or the source of new ideas, tools and techniques, based on a career of helping other organisations achieve top class support service delivery. Ranging from a short review over a few days, optionally followed by progress checks; through to medium term engagements helping to define and even implement IT support strategy, and all points in between. Contact me to discuss your situation.

4. Interim Manager

Leader shows team the wayNoel Bruton has conducted several engagements as an interim manager in IT support and operations. These have been in the pharmaceuticals industry, a government science service and a national property maintenance company. Most commonly, these have involved building a department from low to high maturity before handing over to a permanent replacement. Challenges have included remotivating a team after a long period of fractured or absent management; creating a process-oriented department from a group of exclusively reactive technicians; restoring service credibility and confidence among a disgruntled userbase; building professional relationships with business management; shaping department strategy to best reflect corporate needs; rebalancing workload to ensure all responsibilities are resourced and met.

Expertise like this can make a big difference quickly because the focus is on the immediate problem, not on the distractions commonly face by employees, such as building a career. Contact me to discuss your needs.