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Why This Website?

Noel Bruton’s I.T. Support Management website exists because I.T. Support needs help to perform its function; which is to help users of business technology get back to productivity when impeded by a problem with the technology or its usage.

I.T. Support keeps the business going on an hour-by-hour basis – but its diverse workload of reactive enquiry responses mixed with systems maintenance, development projects, secondments, staff skillset improvement, and so on make that difficult. Vital technical resources are pulled hither and thither by competing demands and priorities. Backlogs and slow service often result. Staff can be subject to undue stress.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. In my experience, most support functions can be backlog-free, with slick and rapid services, high levels of job satisfaction and skillset redundancy, and popular with the business and its users. And it usually needs little to no headcount increases – in fact I can usually find spare resource to add some variety to the technical workgroup’s working day.

I have made it my adult life’s work to offer guidance in improving I.T. support, for those who depend on it or work in it. I want your organization to provide, or benefit from the best I.T. support can be.


IT Support Management consultant, trainer and writer Noel BrutonMy approach to the management of I.T. service delivery is not just about IT’s internal bureaucracy, but covers the practicalities of running I.T. Support, in such a way that it produces numerically measurable success. The result is a better outcome for I.T. Support’s customers and a more rewarding place to work for I.T. Support staff, supervisors, team leaders, and managers. I.T. Support involves the whole of I.T., from Procurement to Development, not just the Servicedesk; wherever a technical problem may be resolved, and in particular the all-important second-line functions.


Please feel free to explore the site via the menu at the top of your browser. See the ‘About’ page for a fuller description of Noel Bruton’s long and varied experience, and the ‘Testimonials‘ page for some of the industry and client acknowledgements of his services and capabilities.

Visit the ‘Services‘ section for descriptions of Noel Bruton’s public and private training seminars and workshops, his facilitation and consultancy services; or for using Noel Bruton as an interim IT Support manager to turn your support service into a world-class offering in a very short time.

And see the ‘MISD‘ tab on the top menu for Noel Bruton’s exciting project ‘Mastering I.T. Support Delivery’, providing career-spanning, certified qualifications in I.T. support method and professionalism.


What’s New

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  • Article: How to Make Time for the Fun Stuff – a pragmatic recognition that if the manager doesn’t do this, the staff will anyway. Get back in control and improve their workday experience
  • Website: Channel / MSP Zone – new area of the website, focusing on content exclusively for Channel companies and Managed Service Providers
  • Review: G2G3 DevOps Simulation – entertaining, informative, gamified workshop illustrates an approach to running I.T. with impact potential even beyond its own claims
  • Article: How Managed Support Can Save Clients £Thousands – IT Support is not just a cost – it is a major contributor to user productivity. How to harness that reality into a powerful cost justification for IT support investment and proving value. Works for ITSM too.
  • Service: The IT Support Healthcheck – Two days of world class IT support expertise, accessibly priced, for a SWOT-analysis, quick wins and opportunities to go to the next level
  • Article: Self-Service IT User Support – How to Decide if it’s For You – Offering self-service IT support carries risks as well as benefits. It doesn’t fit everywhere and can actually increase, rather than decrease support workload. You need a basis of decision.
  • Article: IT Support Fixes Should Take Minutes, Not DaysITIL® has its strengths, of course, but if there’s one thing it really, really sucks at, it is IT User Support. There is a far better way. You can do this alongside ITIL, or in sites that make no use of that doctrine.
  • Article: ITIL in the Channel; Crucial or Irrelevant? – The world of external support, the domain of MSPs, VARs and Vendors has no real equivalent of the ITIL framework, simply because it doesn’t quite fit there. But does that make it irrelevant? A practical, business-oriented view.