Why This Website?

This Website exists to promote the services of Noel Bruton, an established, independent consultant specialising in IT Support management. It is needed because there is scant such equivalent recognition anywhere else of what is the most important service in IT – namely the one that keeps the users working on an hour-by-hour basis and thereby, keeps the business successful.

Every business relies on IT.
If IT stops, so does part of the business.
Call Support.

IT Support Management consultant, trainer and writer Noel BrutonPracticality – How-To – is the essence of my services.

You can have world-class I.T. support, with the staff you have now. It can be a great place to work too, rewarding the spirit and expanding the skillsets and horizons of its staff. My services show how. Please explore.


What’s New

    • Download: The MISD Official IT Support Glossary – this affects every department in IT, including Development. Free download.
    • Event: Disrupt HR Bristol, 1/5/19 – Please Can HR Rescue IT Support? Continuing my campaign to involve HR in using MISD to expect, monitor and manage IT Support staff development in professionalism and method
    • Event: Goodbye Service Desk, hello new model of IT Support – My talk at the Servicedesk show this year. Let’s explode the AI myth and arm you better for business digitalisation
    • Feature: Please Can HR Rescue IT Support? – My campaign to involve HR in IT Support, on behalf of the business, to insist on proper management, method and professionalism
    • Article: Why the MSP World Needs ECSM – ITSM simply does not cover the differences in culture, drivers, skillsets, and methods inherent in external support – a new framework is needed
    • Article: How to Make Time for the Fun Stuff – a pragmatic recognition that if the manager doesn’t do this, the staff will anyway. Get back in control and improve their workday experience
    • Website: Channel / MSP Zone – new area of the website, focusing on content exclusively for Channel companies and Managed Service Providers
    • Review: G2G3 DevOps Simulation – entertaining, informative, gamified workshop illustrates an approach to running I.T. with impact potential even beyond its own claims
    • Article: How Managed Support Can Save Clients £Thousands – IT Support is not just a cost – it is a major contributor to user productivity. How to harness that reality into a powerful cost justification for IT support investment and proving value. Works for ITSM too.
    • Service: The IT Support Healthcheck – Two days of world class IT support expertise, accessibly priced, for a SWOT-analysis, quick wins and opportunities to go to the next level
    • Article: Self-Service IT User Support – How to Decide if it’s For You – Offering self-service IT support carries risks as well as benefits. It doesn’t fit everywhere and can actually increase, rather than decrease support workload. You need a basis of decision.
    • Article: IT Support Fixes Should Take Minutes, Not DaysITIL® has its strengths, of course, but if there’s one thing it really, really sucks at, it is IT User Support. There is a far better way. You can do this alongside ITIL, or in sites that make no use of that doctrine.
    • Article: ITIL in the Channel; Crucial or Irrelevant? – The world of external support, the domain of MSPs, VARs and Vendors has no real equivalent of the ITIL framework, simply because it doesn’t quite fit there. But does that make it irrelevant? A practical, business-oriented view.