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This part of is exclusively for Channel vendors and Managed Service Providers, offering service to external clients. It contains articles, links to training, and professional guidance for external support providers.


Defining ECSM – External Client Support Management

Why the MSP World Needs ECSM    NEW

ITIL® in the Channel – Crucial or Irrelevant?

How Managed Support Can Save Clients £Thousands


The IT Support Healthcheck

This service is designed to help MSPs increase their value to the client by having efficient, effective user support.

“Noel spent a couple of days with us conducting various analyses and interviews, before presenting his recommendations. We saw the beneficial effects within a matter of days; a much reduced backlog, less stress in the support department, more focus on our various support offerings, and an overall better support service for our clients. A recommended investment.”
Managed Services Provider, South Wales


These certified qualifications are meant for aspiring and operating IT Support managers respectively. They are unique in the UK training market in their inclusion of ECSM content.

Mastering IT Support Delivery: Aspiring Manager Certificate

For those making the considerable mental shift from working as a technician – using diagnostic skills, according to a user or management requests in accordance with a job description – to functioning as a manager, using analytical and motivational skills according to your vision for the department. The leap that if not taken, can leave a newly appointed manager continuing to behave as a technician.

Mastering IT Support Delivery: Operational Manager Certificate

3 days of solid how-to of running a group of technicians involved in IT support. Equally suitable for any IT manager. Understand the purpose of your department, know how to lead as well as manage, get the best out of your people.