Download: IT Support Maturity Model

Looking at IT Support Maturity, how good is your IT support delivery really? How does it compare with that of similar organisations? In terms of how you do what you do, is your service among the best or the worst?

To find that out would normally take an expensive benchmark exercise. A mathematical view of your own against perhaps a limited set of peer corporations. That’s one way of doing it – but there’s another, much cheaper way. And by cheap, I mean free of any charge except the submission of your contact details (we promise, no salesperson will call!).

The answer comes in the behaviours of IT support delivery at various levels of maturity. Decades of consultancy experience have enabled me to study those patterns of behaviour and document them. The results are given in ‘The IT Support Maturity Model.’


It works like this. Over four concept areas covering various aspects of the way IT support works, twenty-one functions are described. For each of those functions, five levels of maturity have been described. That’s a total of 105 IT support management and delivery behaviours. This means you don’t need a benchmark to find out how mature is your service. IT Support Maturity Model CoverYou can just consult the model regarding a certain aspect of the way you work, and compare your service’s behaviour with that of a similarly, or more, or less mature counterpart.

It also means that to strive for the next level of maturity up up for the one you currently achieve, all you have to do is refer to it in the IT Support Maturity Model. When your team starts to behave as described there, you know you’ve made it to the next level.

This is not committee-designed theory. The model is based on practical experience. All 105 levels have been arrived at in one or more Support operations somewhere. And some ways of working that are currently touted by certain IT management frameworks as “best practice” are shown up in reality as offering little more than unimaginative mediocrity. There’s no arguing with actual behaviours. This is as real as it gets.


  • 24 pages
  • Over 10,000 words
  • 4 ‘Concept Areas’
  • 21 ‘Functions’
  • 105 ‘Maturity Levels’
  • Implementation consultancy and training available
  • Written by one of the world’s leading authorities on IT Support management
  • Practical, pragmatic, real life
  • Free of charge.