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IT Support professionals need precision in the way they refer to specialist concepts. However, ITSM convention has a lot of gaps here. Currently-accepted terminology does not accurately describe the nature of the request; urgent matters sometimes use the same word as non-urgent; and some particularly important work is classified as mere ‘requests’. Some terms overlap with reserved words in other industries, adding to the confusion. IT hijacks words used by its customers and puts them to other, obscure use in its own internal jargon, thus risking alienation from our users. Furthermore, there is no mainstream conventional terminology referring to IT Support’s fastest growing area, the external customer support provided by Channel companies.

Mastering IT Support Delivery is a pan-IT curriculum of qualifications in professionalism and method. It offers a common vocabulary that deals with these inaccuracies, inadequacies and misdirections. That takes the form of a Glossary, available here as a free download.

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