“Noel spent a couple of days with us conducting various analyses and interviews, before presenting his recommendations. We saw the beneficial effects within a matter of days; a much reduced backlog, less stress in the support department, more focus on our various support offerings, and an overall better support service for our clients. A recommended investment.”
Managed Services Provider, South Wales

The IT Support HealthCheck is an inexpensive way for your support service to benefit from the objective view of world-class IT support expertise. It works for both internal (ITSM) and external (ECSM) support workgroups. It does not stop at the Service Desk / first line, but looks at your second line too.

Is your service as efficient and cost effective as it could be? Is it as much fun for the staff as it could be?

Perhaps surprisingly, those two often go together. The most effective support workgroups tend to be the more invigorating places to work. Success breeds success, and most people want to be part of it. Ask any audience member of a winning sports event or superb concert. Ask any technician who knows they are part of a successful group of reliable colleagues.

Make sure your IT Support service is firing on all cylinders. Have an expert examine it.

Did You Know?

The performance difference between mediocre and successful IT Support is not just a little – it can be as much as a factor of four.

In other words, your staff could be a quarter as efficient as the next support service – or four times as much, and probably enjoying their job more, because success motivates. Where does your service stand?

About Noel Bruton

  • Consultant, trainer, and bestselling author specialising in IT Support management
  • In IT since 1979, consulting since 1991
  • Originator of familiar concepts, methods, and algorithms in common IT use
  • World-wide clientele and readership, has helped hundreds of companies, trained hundreds of managers

About the Healthcheck

  • Two-day expert service delivery review onsite at your premises
  • Output in the form of a SWOT analysis
  • Comments on statistical management information
  • Observations and conclusions
  • Any available quick wins and techniques thereto
  • Recommendations for longer term client IT support strategy
  • Debrief for an audience of your choosing on the content of the forthcoming report
  • Formal report document written up at base and submitted with invoice

from only £1,500

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