Facilitation/Training: The Incident Management Shortcut

The ‘Incident Management Shortcut’ is an onsite engagement, normally run over two or three days, with one purpose – to shortcut your way to a cross-department, working consensus on the incident management process.

It does this by engaging key parties involved in that workflow, in an exercise to consider how Incident Management should work, and what currently gets in its way. Data are gathered to inform directions. The exercise finishes with a one-day, expertly-facilitated workshop where decision-makers and section heads thrash out the facts and agree their mutual expectations and responsibilities in an informed environment.

But it doesn’t stop at procedural functions – it also incorporates training to show technical team leaders how to orchestrate their staff and resources so that dealing with incidents is not burdensome. In particular, the new process should not impede but in fact even further enable those teams’ key responsibilities in BAU, development, and projects delivery.

Do you…?Incident Management Shortcut options

  • wish your first line/servicedesk and second/third line could work together more productively?
  • have some unhelpful attitudes among second and third line technicians, like “I don’t have to answer the phone any more”?
  • find that closed calls are not properly documented?
  • find that calls take too long to fix?
  • wish your second line technicians could better understand the service imperative?
  • wish your network technicians could be more ‘customer aware’?
  • find that some calls are not properly logged?
  • have to call the user to verify information that should have been gathered at the first line/servicedesk?
  • feel that more calls could be fixed at the first line/servicedesk if the right questions were asked?

The Incident Management Shortcut is…

  • Typically a one- or two-day analysis followed by structured workshop at your premises, between representatives of your IT support functions, to sort out the working relationship between the various ‘lines’ of support.
  • Who is responsible for what, how best to cooperate, who needs what from whom for workflow efficiency and protocol effectiveness.
  • Designed, led, facilitated and moderated by Noel Bruton, a leading expert in IT user support, experienced trainer.
  • Preceded by data gathering, crucial information for the workshop.
  • Attendees decide future actions in a guided environment.
  • Followed up with summary report in bullet-point format.

For further information…

…and to begin setting terms of reference for your Incident Management Shortcut, contact me by phone or email .

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