Mastering IT Support Delivery (MISD)

Mastering IT Support Delivery (MISD) is a curriculum of accredited, career-spanning qualifications for IT Support professionals. Authored by Noel Bruton, there is literally nothing else like it in the IT training market.

MISD realises that IT Support neither starts, nor ends with the Servicedesk, despite the IT Services industry’s narrow obsession there. Vendors and the main frameworks, along with industry bodies and publications  all talk Servicedesk, Servicedesk, Servicedesk. They are missing the reality of IT Suport. In many organisations, the resolutions of technical enquiries do not come from the Servicedesk at all, but from the numerous technical groups and specialists around IT. Of course there are first-line fixes – but these tend to be of service requests, administrative enquiries, and procurement or other clerical matters. Support is a job involving the whole of IT, not just the Servicedesk.

In recognising this reality, MISD also caters for a key difficulty faced by all those downstream technical departments. This is that they exist primarily to provide a technical function, like developing new applications, maintaining existing systems or conducting projects. To these departments, a support enquiry escalated from the Servicedesk is an interruption to their main purpose. This presents problems of resourcing both for projects and apparently-unpredictable reactivity. It means support calls may be given a lower priority than their main work. This can and does lead to backlogs and slow support services. MISD trains in how to manage this situation.

MISD knows that ultimately, support is delivered by people. None of the main IT management frameworks pay much attention to people. But where people are employed to do a job, there are issues of resourcing, skills development, rota organisation, single points of failure, motivation, communications, expectations, and politics. To run a professional support service, these matters must be taken into account and approaches created for dealing with them. MISD teaches man-management in an IT context, and specifically the management of technicians.

In another departure, MISD realises that IT Support is not limited to the provision of a corporate internal support service for a corporate internal userbase. Many companies, especially the smaller ones, have only minimal internal IT expertise and instead outsource those responsibilities to managed service providers (MSP) or the vendor of the equipment in use. This is external support, which has its own considerations and issues, and for which the traditional IT Services Management (ITSM) world has utterly no offering. Yet there is a need for technique and method here too, as reflected in various MISD training modules.

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