Noel Bruton as Interim Support Manager

Noel Bruton has conducted several engagements as an interim manager in IT support and operations. These have been in the pharmaceuticals industry, a government science service and a national property maintenance company. Most commonly, these have involved building a department from low to high maturity before handing over to a permanent replacement.

Challenges have included remotivating a team after a long period of fractured or absent management; creating a process-oriented department from a group of exclusively reactive technicians; restoring service credibility and confidence among a disgruntled userbase; building professional relationships with business management; shaping department strategy to best reflect corporate needs; rebalancing workload to ensure all responsibilities are resourced and met.

Expertise like this can make a big difference quickly because the focus is on the immediate problem, not on the distractions commonly face by employees, such as building a career. Contact me to discuss your needs .