This page is for you, dear reader; to tell me what you think I should write or rant about next.

This website specialises in IT Support management. Not just the ‘Servicedesk’ thing, which seems to be something of an unhealthily narrow obsession among software vendors and industry bodies; but the whole of support, wherever in IT it happens. So I’m just as concerned with first line or network support as I am with that for business apps, desktop, BYOD, comms, AV, and vertical systems. I’m also particularly interested in the special kind of customer support delivered by the Channel.

As well as being a marketplace for Noel Bruton’s consultancy, training, and interim management services, this site is also a blog, regularly updated with how-to articles and industry comment. It’s a place where I can describe better ways of doing IT support, and on occasion rant about how far wide of the mark ITIL is, for example. ­čśë

I already have a long list of article titles for pieces I have yet to write, so I will not be running out of material any time soon. But I’d rather write what you want to read rather than just what I want to rant about. That’s why I’ve added this ‘suggestions’ page. It’s for you to make suggestions of topics for me to write about. Or you can make comments to endorse or dispute the ideas others have submitted.

I used to do it by allowing comments, but that attracted the wrong sort of attention. So now, just email your suggestions to me. There is an email link in the header above or on the ‘About me‘ page.