Download: The ITSM Software Review 2017

The ITSM Software Review 2017 is now published and available for download.

There are not many reviews of ITSM software, and those that exist tend to deal in market maturity rather than actual use. They’re not supposed to be practical, just informative. But it’s a complex market – the SITS Show in London will have over 70 stands demonstrating various ITSM tools. Where do you start?

The ITSM Software Review 2017 CoverWe had to find something all tools would have in common, so we could test like for like. And the test had to be of practical use to the people who would select such tools. There’s little point in simply testing for ITIL compliance, because they can all do that, even the cheapest entry-level systems – compliance alone gives no real test of difference. And perhaps some user interfaces are slicker than others, but you can’t judge a book by the cover, and the staff who use it will get accustomed to any interface eventually.

We needed a practical approach. The one we landed on was probably as real-world as it gets. We imagined an IT Support manager who has a good idea of how his service works, so he knows where its pinch-points are and the difference between success and failure. So he has certain measurements he knows he must be able to take, to help his management decisions. In the end, it came down to a simple question: will this tool help me manage my support department?

On top of that, he doesn’t want to spend months of his time in initial meetings with salespeople from dozens of companies. So he needs an elimination process to shortcut all that. So he starts with the most popular, best-known systems and visits their websites. When he gets there, he will be looking for evidence that the advertised tool can help him to manage his support service, as he has already defined. That will be in the form of a presentation of his decision criteria, or ideally, a demonstration system he can play with. Those that cannot help can be eliminated from this first round. Conversely, those that can demonstrate a capability here go to his short list; and then the salespeople can be invited in to demonstrate the details.

Our review for June 2017 tested eight well-known systems, from Axios, BMC, Cherwell, HPE, Hornbill, Ivanti, ServiceNow and Topdesk. You can get the resulting 7,000-word report, ‘The ITSM Software Review 2017’ for free, with our compliments, by clicking the link below.