Training: Getting the Best From IT Technicians

Getting the best from IT technicians – a one-day, expert workshop in growing expertise, productivity and job-satisfaction

Imagine an IT Support Service where the technicians routinely produce excellence in an atmosphere of serene confidence. One where errors are few and the respect of customers and corporation is high. Where there is time to add variety to the IT support working day, such that reactive, project, and maintenance work progress side by side and the backlog is low; a vision of success rather than mere endless toil.

Getting the Best from IT People - day end successThis is possible – and unless that backlog is racing out of control, it’s probably possible with the headcount you have now – provided you can give them enablement and an expectation of defined success. That is the purpose of this workshop – to describe the techniques and approaches to set you on your way to getting the best from your people resources, while increasing their enjoyment of the job.

This powerful and affordable one-day workshop is for IT support managers, team leaders, quality and service level managers; in fact anybody involved in those critical decisions that lead to management action and service improvement.Getting the Best from IT People - Motivation vs morale It is a compilation of specific lessons from Noel Bruton’s proven portfolio of popular and successful IT support management training seminars with a singular focus – how you get the best from the IT technical staff who report to you, be they members of the service desk, desktop support, networking or communications technicians, audio-visual engineers or business software specialists.

Getting the Best – this workshop will show you how:

  • Understand and use the crucial difference between motivation and morale
  • Define what constitutes success for the members of your workgroupGetting the Best from IT People - Improve their working lives
  • Eradicate Single Points of Failure (SPoFs)
  • Insert variety into the working day
  • Be able to prove the worth of the company’s investment in you and your staff
  • Create and offer a career path for technical and service staff alike
  • Ensure you have resource for projects as well as reactive and maintenance work
  • Make the working day more enjoyable
  • Make ‘productivity’ enjoyable rather than just dutiful
  • Increase corporate respect for your workgroup
  • Separate “teamwork” myth from reality
  • Enhance your position as workgroup leader
  • Develop your people, even without training

About the workshop author and leader:

The workshop is created and delivered by  , a UK-based consultant, internationally acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts in IT user support. Noel Bruton served his time as a computer technician, writing a book on computer communications protocols, and travelling the world training networking engineers in network topology and technology.

In 1987 he moved into management, designed, built, and ran an IT support desk subsequently named in the press as the best in the UK. As a consultant and interim manager, he has led several other corporate support desks from reactivity to excellence, producing what clients call ‘world class’ results.

He is the author of the bestselling ‘How to Manage the IT Helpdesk’ and ‘Managing the IT Services Process’ and has trained hundreds of IT support managers and staff. His ideas have been reflected in popular IT management frameworks and his works are recommended or required reading for academic and professional IT management qualifications around the world. He is a leading press columnist on IT support management matters.

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