Training: Key Measurements for IT Support Management Decisions

Going way beyond mere ‘service levels’ in this one-day, expert workshop in understanding and using key measurements for IT Support operational management decisions.

Do you have enough support staff for the workload? Do your staff have the right level of skills to deliver the best service they can to your customers? How much manpower can you afford to allocate to projects this month? What service level do you need from other departments for your group’s success? These questions and many others are answered by the calculations described in ‘Key Measurements for IT Support Management Decisions.

Informed Decisions, not Guesswork

As a leader of an IT support function, you know you need numbers. They are the basis of any informed decision. Without proper statistical information, you’re steering in the dark, reduced to deciding actions based on anecdote, suspicion and guesswork. You need key figures – but which figures and what decisions might they enable?Stats for decisions, not just numbers

This powerful and affordable one-day workshop is for IT support managers, team leaders, quality and service level managers; in fact anybody involved in those critical decisions that lead to management action and service improvement. It goes much further than the statistics available from your telephone or enquiry-logging systems. It doesn’t just look at numbers, but at the meaning of those numbers in dimensions your support software cannot measure.

And you don’t need any special skills – just an open and inquiring mind and everyday numeracy.

Who should attend

Lord Kelvin on measurement

New, prospective and existing managers of….

  • Service level quantification
  • Service desks
  • Second and Third line support
  • IT Quality Assurance
  • Incident Management process
  • General IT services
  • IT Customer Services
  • IT Support staff budgets

This workshop will show you how

  • What data to gather from where
  • Cost-justify new staff
  • The ‘Eight Key Fields’ that explain so much
  • Know how much work is enough
  • Identify the ‘black holes’ in your IT support
  • Plan your staff’s skillsets and knowledge
  • Get usable information from your logging systemStats during the operation, not just at the end
  • Get information the software can’t provide
  • Know whether what you do is really worth doing
  • Plan your future workload or new services
  • Inject variety into your staff’s working day
  • Prove how successful you are – or not – and why
  • Allocate the right resources in the right place
  • Reduce your backlog and improve fix times
  • Plan shifts, rotas and out-of-hours operation
  • Handle complaints better and with facts
  • Cope with demand growth and staff changes

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