Training: Moving from IT Technician to Manager

A one-day workshop exposing the vital mindset shift needed, to stop thinking like a reactive technician and begin to plan and strategise, to orchestrate resources and demands as a manager.

The Situation

We all need managing. We all need leadership. We all need direction. That means decisions must be made and policies enacted, and the one to do that is the manager.

But here in IT, those decisions often involve a technical understanding, so it is appropriate to promote to management from within technical ranks.  And it is there that IT management all too often comes unstuck – because the attitudes, skills, principles and priorities of a manager are very different from those of a technician, and those huge differences are frequently difficult to grasp. So our industry often finds itself promoting technicians who, despite moving up through the ranks into new responsibilities, may continue to behave as technicians.

The Risks

Technicians who have been promoted to manager without their making the necessary philosophical and behavioural adjustment might be tempted to conclude that management is just about “being the boss”. The results can be detrimental. The senior person who has not yet grasped how to fill his day with managerial, rather than technical functions, brings particular risks:

  • The technical department ceases to move forward because its manager is still reacting to demands as a technician, rather than becoming a strategist and planner
  • The team may harbour resentment, because they see their new superior paid more, but in effect still doing the same job he did as a technician, so his appointment brings no new benefit to them; or perhaps others feel themselves equally qualified for the management job and its higher salary, so fail to respect the appointment
  • The department remains distant from the rest of IT management because its head does not comprehend managerial issues and priorities
  • The promoted technician does not know how to fill his day with managerial functions, so in order to be seen to do something with his time, he merely issues orders and allocates the most complex technical tasks to himself

The Workshop

This powerful, one-day workshop is designed to break through that mental barrier of technicianship and open up the world of management, with its different agenda, perspectives, emphases, and priorities. This won’t make you a management guru overnight, but it will show you the management world and its implications for how you conduct your working day. Your daily to-do list will look very different after this – and you’ll be able to approach it with confidence. The key deliverable is the specific tasks that will occupy your working day as a manager.

Workshop Leader

  • The workshop is created and delivered by a UK-based consultant, internationally acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts in IT user support. Noel Bruton served his time as a computer technician, writing a book on computer communications protocols, and travelling the world training networking engineers in network topology and technology.
  • In 1987 he moved into management, designed, built, and ran an IT support desk subsequently named in the press as the best in the UK. As a consultant and interim manager, he has led several other corporate support desks from reactivity to excellence, producing what clients call ‘world class’ results.
  • He is the author of the bestselling ‘How to Manage the IT Helpdesk’ and ‘Managing the IT Services Process’ and has trained hundreds of IT support managers and staff. His ideas have been reflected in popular IT management frameworks and his works are recommended or required reading for academic and professional IT management qualifications around the world. He is a leading press columnist on IT support management matters.

Who Should Attend

  • Any past technician in IT, now in charge of staff
  • Heads of Service Desk, Helpdesk, second and third line sections
  • Technical managers who need to change emphasis
  • Newly or soon-to-be promoted technicians
  • Supervisors or team leaders
  • Anybody in IT who needs to refresh their management skills

What You Will Learn

  • Why there is little time in the manager’s day for carrying on as a technician
  • What your staff need from you and how to motivate and advance them
  • What your company expects from you and how to deliver it
  • What your new priorities should be and how to handle them
  • What new skills you should acquire in the longer term and where to get them
  • How your technical expertise shifts to a new level when acting as a manager
  • The tasks and functions that fill a manager’s day
  • Shifting perspective – from tasks to operations, from details to strategy
  • Why and how to escape the grip of reactivity
  • Understanding hierarchy when you’re no longer at the bottom of it

What past attendees said about Noel Bruton’s training

  • “Noel’s enthusiasm for the subject and his drive in presenting the information managed to sustain my interest and full attention throughout the course”
  • “Outstanding! Not only did it show me the things I am doing wrong as a manager, it helped me to understand those failings in other managers”
  • “Noel’s presentation has left me invigorated and brimming with ideas”
  • “Gave me a different view of the Helpdesk”. “Excellent!”
  • “Very informative – broadened my horizons”
  • “Noel’s approach is very inspiring – he makes you feel more confident in what you need to do as a manager.”
  • “It was the best training course I have been on, ever.”

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